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June 29, 2022

Misperceptions drive immigration politics and undermine democracy

Philipp Lutz
Most people hold deep-seated misperceptions about immigration, painting its nature, effects, and governance in excessively dark colours. This reflects concerns about out-group threat and tends to be resistant to correction efforts. It is also, argue Marco Bitschnau and Philipp Lutz, highly problematic for democracies
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December 9, 2021

Western countries use resettlement policies strategically

Philipp Lutz
Western countries repeatedly point to resettlement – the organised transfer of refugees to a safe third country – as a solution to persistent humanitarian crises. Yet, Philipp Lutz and Lea Portmann show how such resettlement can, paradoxically, be a way for states to legitimise limiting access to humanitarian protection
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photograph of Philipp Lutz
Philipp Lutz
Assistant Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

In 2019, Philipp earned a PhD from the University of Bern studying the migration policy-making of liberal democracies.

Previously, he has been a visiting researcher at the European University Institute in Florence and a program director of the foreign policy think-tank 'foraus'.

His main research interest lies in understanding the political consequences of international migration and covers comparative politics as well as international governance.

He tweets @LutzPhilipp

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