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12 2020

Sweden stands out for its soft approach to the pandemic – but the jury is still out on whether it will work

Oscar Larsson
Unlike most other countries, Sweden adopted a ‘soft’ approach to managing the Coronavirus pandemic, flying in the face of ‘securitisation theory’. Oscar Larsson considers whether its approach will succeed
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Oscar Larsson
Assistant Professor, Department of Government, Uppsala University and Associate Professor at Swedish Defence University

Oscar gained his PhD at Uppsala University in 2015, with a thesis on (meta-)governance and collaboration in Swedish crisis management. Governance, power and collaboration have since been the focus of his work.

He has researched governance and collaboration between public and private partners in segregated urban environments, in rural integration, in dealing with trafficking victims, and in crisis management.

For the past two years, Oscar's research has focused on sovereign power, national security and civilian preparedness. Oscar is also interested in philosophy of science and social constructivism.

He has published articles on network governance and sovereign power/domination in Critical Policy Studies, Policy Studies, Regulation & Governance, on neo-institutionalism in Critical Review and on crisis management and civil preparedness in Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy and Security Dialogue.

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