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07 2021

Why is Italy more populist than any other country in western Europe?

Michelangelo Vercesi
Italy is unmatched in Western Europe in the scale of its electoral support for populists. Michelangelo Vercesi argues that this exceptionality, combined with the strategic adaptation of political entrepreneurs to different territorial political traditions, is a legacy of how the unitary state formed
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Michelangelo Vercesi
Lecturer in Political Science, Leuphana University Lüneburg

Michelangelo gained his doctorate at the University of Pavia.

He has held visiting and teaching positions at the University of Vienna, the University of Milan, and at Keele University in the UK.

Michelangelo's research interests are comparative government, political elites, and leadership, as well as party politics and representation.

His monograph Prime Ministers in Europe: Changing Career Experiences and Career Profiles, coauthored with Ferdinand Müller-Rommel and Jan Berz, is forthcoming with Palgrave.

Michelangelo is an executive member of the International Committee on Political Sociology.

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