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April 28, 2023

National legislators in global governance: there’s more going on than you think

Meray Maddah
When we consider national parliaments, we think of the domestic arena. However, there are rarely observed foreign dimensions to the work of national legislators. Philipp Bien, Meray Maddah and Thomas Malang argue that, through fora like the Inter-Parliamentary Union, national legislators have become an important group in international politics
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Meray Maddah
PhD Candidate, Department of Politics and Public Administration / Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences, University of Konstanz

Meray is also a doctoral researcher in the working group Legislatures in International Politics, led by Thomas Malang.

Her research interests include the foreign influence of national legislators; Middle East and North African geopolitics and legislators; and consociational and identity-based politics in the MENA region as they relate to nation-building and trends of statehood transformations.

She tweets @MerayMaddah

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