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March 17, 2021

Under what conditions can public opinion affect policy-making? Education as a case study

Marius Busemeyer
Public opinion affects policy-making when the topic is salient and when most people share the same opinion, write Julian Garritzmann, Marius Busemeyer and Erik Niemanns. Yet when the public disagrees on what they want – or when many people don’t care – the influence of public opinion is significantly reduced
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Marius Busemeyer
Professor of Political Science, University of Konstanz

Marius is Professor of Political Science and Speaker of the Cluster of Excellence 'The Politics of Inequality' at the University of Konstanz.

His research focuses on comparative political economy and welfare state research, in particular the dynamics of attitudes towards education and social policy, processes of institutional change in education and training regimes as well as social and political inequalities.

Marius' 2015 book Skills and Inequality: Partisan Politics and the Political Economy of Education Reforms in Western Welfare States was awarded the 2015 Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Social Science Research.

Skills and Inequality by Marius Busemeyer

His research has appeared in journals such as World Politics, the Socio-Economic Review, the Journal of European Public Policy and the British Journal of Political Science, among others.

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