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July 17, 2023

🔮 Populist governments as a threat from within the state

Michael Bauer
Populists have risen to executive office worldwide. In this context, Michael W. Bauer argues, we must pay more systematic attention to threats to the state and its institutions; the potential long-term impacts of the damage that populist governments can inflict 'from within' are potentially devastating
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Michael Bauer
Chair of Public Administration, School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute

Michael’s research interests include democratic bureaucracy, populism, and international public administration.

He has published widely in international journals, among them Public Administration Review, Governance, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Journal of European Public Policy, West European Politics, Public Administration, and International Studies Review.

He tweets @michaelwbauer

The European Commission of the Twenty-First Century
Oxford University Press, 2013

Dismantling Public Policies: Preferences, Strategies, and Effects
Oxford University Press, 2012

Democratic Backsliding and Public Administration How Populists in Government Transform State Bureaucracies

Democratic Backsliding and Public Administration: How Populists in Government Transform State Bureaucracies
Cambridge University Press, 2021

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