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May 4, 2021

Why autocrats redistribute income and wealth

Lars Pelke
It is a common assumption that autocrats have no incentive to redistribute income and wealth. Not so, says Lars Pelke. Uncertainty about the outcomes of autocratic elections can incentivise dictators to redistribute wealth, especially when the incumbents’ ruling coalition is inclusive
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Lars Pelke
Research Fellow, Institute of Political Science at the University of Heidelberg

Lars’ research focuses on three separate areas, namely authoritarian regimes, conceptualisation and measurement of regime transformation episodes (autocratisation), and political economy of inequalities.

In his paper-based PhD project (submitted March 2021), Rethinking Inequality under Autocracy: Parties, Citizens and Preferences, he investigates whether and how the institutional foundations of autocracies determine economic and political inequalities, and whether and how these inequalities affect ordinary citizens in the short and long term.

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