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March 24, 2021

The annulment of ex-president Lula’s conviction is a turning point in Brazil’s 2022 elections

Larissa Peixoto Gomes
The possibility of Lula running for office in 2022 has already nudged Bolsonaro to change course. Yet, write Larissa Peixoto Gomes and Fernanda Barasuol, although Lula’s candidacy is a likely scenario, it is not guaranteed
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photograph of Larissa Peixoto Gomes
Larissa Peixoto Gomes
Research officer, Wales Centre for Public Policy – Cardiff University

Larissa holds a PhD from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, for which she researched women’s substantive representation in Brazil, Sweden, and the UK.

Her research interests range from political institutions, including electoral systems, gender, race/ethnicity, to public policy implementation.

Future publications include research into campaign spending and gender and use social media by mayoral candidates.

Larissa is co-host of the podcast Brazil Nuts: an insane journey into the world of Brazilian politics.

Follow her on Twitter @larissapolitics

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