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September 7, 2022

Neoliberalism is in crisis, but what is the alternative?

Kees Terlouw
Global relations are increasingly regulated by states which strengthen control over their national territory. But delegitimation of neoliberalism does not signal the end of the global order or capitalism, says Kees Terlouw. It simply marks another shift between ‘relational’ and ‘territorial’ perspectives on legitimacy
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photograph of Kees Terlouw
Kees Terlouw
Assistant Professor, Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning, Utrecht University

Kees is a political geographer with a background in sociology and regional geography.

He is interested in the political use of spatial identities and how these are used to construct legitimacy.

He is especially interested in how this affects the changing relations between cities and regions.

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He tweets @KeesTerlouw

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