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March 10, 2023

Lucie Zimmern: the ‘difficult woman’ of interwar international relations

Katharina Rietzler
'A nasty woman', 'terrible witch', 'abrasive', 'overpoweringly verbose', 'frightening' and 'short of tact and discretion'. This is how the musician, cultural diplomat and intellectual Lady Lucie Zimmern (1875–1963) appears in contemporary accounts. Other observers, however, found her 'an accomplished scholar', 'cultured and charming', and 'brilliant'. Katharina Rietzler and Patricia Owens find that it is the vitriol that has survived
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Katharina Rietzler
Senior Lecturer in American History, University of Sussex

Katharina is Co-Investigator of the multi-award winning Leverhulme Research Project on Women and the History of International Thought.

Women's International Thought Katharina Rietzler Patricia Owens

Women's International Thought: A New History
co-edited with Patricia Owens, Cambridge University Press, 2021

Women's International Thought: Towards a New Canon

Women's International Thought: Towards a New Canon
co-edited with Owens, Kim Hutchings, and Sarah Dunstan, Cambridge University Press, 2022

Katharina's work has appeared in journals such as Modern Intellectual History, the Journal of Global History, Diplomatic History, and Diplomacy and Statecraft.

She is currently completing a book on 20th-century philanthropy, international thought and the problem of the public.

She tweets @KatHistory

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