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September 5, 2023

♟️ Authoritarianism and immigration policy: Tunisia shows it's not that straightforward

Katharina Natter
Throughout 2023 Tunisia's immigration policies have made headlines, with authoritarian President Saied’s xenophobic speech, a new EU-Tunisia migration deal, and repeated protests condemning violence against Black migrants. But authoritarianism doesn’t inevitably result in increased migrant rights violations. Nor, however, does democratisation guarantee improved rights, as Katharina Natter shows
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Katharina Natter
Senior Assistant Professor, Institute of Political Science, Leiden University

Katharina researches migration politics from a comparative perspective, with a particular focus on the role of political regimes in immigration policymaking.

Her work seeks to advance migration policy theory and to connect it with broader social science research on modern statehood and political change.

She also hopes to contribute to the wider academic effort of bridging theorisations of socio-political processes in the Global South and the Global North.

Katharina has published, inter alia, in International Migration Review, Population and Development Review, Mediterranean Politics, Third World Quarterly and the Journal of North African Studies.

Katharina Natter

She tweets @k_natter

The Politics of Immigration Beyond Liberal States Morocco and Tunisia in Comparative Perspective by Katharina Natter

The Politics of Immigration Beyond Liberal States: Morocco and Tunisia in Comparative Perspective
Cambridge University Press, 2023

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