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May 31, 2023

How (not) to measure China’s autocratic influence

Katrin Kinzelbach
Several liberal democracies view the People’s Republic of China no longer as a strategic partner, but as a systemic rival. Yet how intense is China’s influence? The China Index seeks to measure this influence across different domains. This is a welcome first step, but it is not without far-reaching flaws, write Lars Pelke and Katrin Kinzelbach
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photograph of Katrin Kinzelbach
Katrin Kinzelbach
Professor, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

At FAU Erlangen-NĂĽrnberg, Katrin teaches the international politics of human rights.

She is also a visiting professor at King’s College London, and Associate Project Manager at the V-Dem Institute, University of Gothenburg.

At V-Dem, she focuses on the worldwide assessment of academic freedom.

Katrin is engaged in various committees on the same topic, including the International Studies Association's Academic Freedom Committee.

Before joining FAU, she was associate director of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin, and visiting professor at Central European University in Budapest.

As a postdoc, Kinzelbach spent two years in Hangzhou, China (2011–2012).

Prior to that, she was a PhD candidate at the University of Vienna (2010), and prior still, she worked for the United Nations (2001–2007).

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