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June 22, 2023

How queer female tourism in Africa broke down barriers

Jacqueline Wilson
The legacy of European colonialism and Christian missionaries has created challenges for same-sex relationships in the Global South. In former German colonies Namibia, Tanzania, and Cameroon during the 1980s, anti-LGBTQ attitudes still prevailed. Jacqueline Wilson tells the story of a pioneering queer tourism project that challenged the colonial narrative
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Jacqueline Wilson
Postdoctoral Researcher, CES, the Center for Social Studies, Coimbra

Jacqueline also holds a Research Fellow chair at INTI University College, Laurette International Universities.

She obtained a master's in Development Studies from Lund University and Bergen University, and completed her PhD in sociology at Rhodes University.

Jacqueline has participated in various interdisciplinary studies across several social science fields.

She continues to develop her research on anti-cosmopolitanism and its links with contemporary political discourse in Europe.

Her current study sheds light on the impact of right-wing social media campaigns on voting culture in the Swedish 2022 national election.

The aim of Jacqueline's research is to address the uncharted timeline of Sweden's right-wing progress in the social and political landscape of contemporary Nordic and European societies.

Her work sheds light on the complexities of these phenomena, and deepens our understanding of the social and political landscape.

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