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May 22, 2023

State-sponsored Holocaust distortion in Bulgaria

Ildiko Otova
Bulgaria recently celebrated the 80th anniversary of the State rescuing 48,000 Jews from deportation and death in Nazi concentration camps. On the surface, this reads like a nation-affirming narrative. But Ildiko Otova argues that the celebrations were merely another attempt to construct a mythology of Holocaust denial
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April 21, 2023

Bulgaria’s political impasse

Ildiko Otova
Bulgaria has just held its fifth national election in two years. As in the previous four, there was no clear winner. The small lead for Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB-SDS) resolves nothing. Indeed, argues Ildiko Otova, it probably renders political stability even more difficult to secure
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photograph of Ildiko Otova
Ildiko Otova
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, New Bulgarian University

Ildiko holds a PhD in political science. She is a laureate of the Mozer Scholarship for excellence in political science studies and civil courage.

In addition to her current role, Ildiko also works as a researcher at CERMES, the Centre for Refugees, Migration and Ethnic Studies at New Bulgarian University.

Her teaching and research interests include migration and refugee issues, integration, urban policies and (e)citizenship, populism, far-right politics and extremism, and current forms of antisemitism.

Ildiko is experienced in coordinating and participating in research projects nationally and internationally, including Horizon 2020.

She is an external expert evaluating project proposals for the European Commission.

Ildiko also teaches at Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski.

She has published widely in English, French, Russian and Bulgarian.

Migration and Populism in Bulgaria
Routledge, 2021, with Evelina Staykova

She tweets @OtovaIldiko

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