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February 22, 2023

Sending refugees to rural areas might not be such a bad idea after all

Ilona Lahdelma
Europe’s capitals are the largest recipients of refugees because of their infrastructures, existing high proportion of foreigners and residents’ liberal outlooks. Yet, Ilona Lahdelma argues, rural areas suffering from population shortage might be better equipped to integrate refugees than previously thought. Both parties might even benefit from the arrangement
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Ilona Lahdelma
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Carlos III University / Junior researcher, Juan March Institute

Ilona's research interests lie in the formation of political attitudes, especially immigration attitudes.

She is interested in finding explanations for political preferences in historical legacies or in regional differences between people.

Ilona has also a keen research interest in political methodology and public policies, and teaches methods and impact evaluation at Carlos III University in Madrid.

She tweets @ilona_lahdelma

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