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July 5, 2023

🦋 Between Luther and Montesquieu: the Church of Norway's democracy

Helge K. Nylenna
Democracy as a basic structure in organisational life is a given in most Western NGOs. However, church doctrine challenges the Montesquieuan principle that the body of the people possess the supreme power. Still, with reference to the Norwegian case, Helge Nylenna argues that, like other NGOs, churches can be democratic
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photograph of Helge K. Nylenna
Helge K. Nylenna
PhD Candidate, VID Specialized University, Oslo

Helge's thesis deals with the separation of church and state in Norway, viewed through the lens of organisational and institutional theory.

His latest article, A Legitimate Democracy: Legitimacy Work and Democratic Reform During the Separation of Church and State in Norway, was published in the Journal of Church and State, vol. 65 (2), 2023.

Helge holds an MA in Theology from MF Norwegian School of Theology and an MA in Values Based Leadership from VID Specialized University.

He is an ordained pastor in the Church of Norway.

His research interests are church, state, organisational theory, and institutional theory.

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