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May 2, 2024

🔮 Debunking myths about populism in power

Giorgos Venizelos
'Populism' and 'power' have an uneasy relationship. Key texts reveal three assumptions about populism's 'fate' in power: first, it becomes mainstream; second, it turns authoritarian; third, it fails/succeeds to implement policies. Giorgos Venizelos argues we must look beyond the myths about populism's content or outcomes, and turn instead to populism's function of constructing collective identities through discursive / affective performativity
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Giorgos Venizelos
Fellow in Political Polarisation, Democracy Institute, Central European University

Giorgos' research is situated at the intersections of comparative politics, political communication and contemporary political theory.

His research interests include populist/anti-populist polarisation in the age of post-truth, populism in power, collective identity and political discourse.

He has published in journals including Political Studies, Critical Sociology, Constellations and Representation.

He co-convenes the Populism Specialist Group of the UK Political Studies Association.


Populism in Power: Discourse and Performativity in SYRIZA and Donald Trump

Populism in Power: Discourse and Performativity in SYRIZA and Donald Trump
Routledge, 2023

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