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June 21, 2023

Do referendum voters vote according to their beliefs?

Gianluca Passarelli
What motivates people in referendum voting? Advocates argue that they allow voters to express their sincere preferences on issues. Matthew Bergman and Gianluca Passarelli look at the Italian case. They argue that voting in referenda can be just as party-focused as other forms of elections
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Gianluca Passarelli
Professor of Political Science and Comparative Politics, Department of Political Science, Sapienza University, Rome

Gianluca's research looks into the role of institutions, leaders, and political parties.

He studies the role and the power of presidents, the influence of electoral systems on voting behaviour and intra-party dynamics, presidential political parties, and electoral behaviour.

He is also a member of the Italian National Election Studies (INES) Association.

His work has been published in internationally renowned journals such as Party PoliticsPolitical GeographyRepresentationPoliticsFrench Politics, and Political Studies Review.

Gianluca has held visiting positions in several universities, including the University of California San Diego, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of California, Davis.

He was accepted onto the Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

He is co-founder (with Robert Elgie) and editor of the Presidential Politics book series (Palgrave).

He is also the founder and Steering Committee Chair of the ECPR Standing Group on Presidential Politics.

He tweets @Gia_Passarelli

Preferential Voting Systems
Influence on Intra-Party Competition and Voting Behaviour

Preferential Voting Systems: Influence on Intra-Party Competition and Voting Behaviour
Palgrave, 2020

The Presidentialization of Political Parties
Organizations, Institutions and Leaders

The Presidentialization of Political Parties
Palgrave, 2015

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