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October 4, 2022

For a fair compromise, don't negotiate, deliberate!

Friderike Spang
When we compromise on moral questions, it is important that compromises are fair. But how can we ensure the fairness of a compromise? We often see compromise as a result of negotiation and bargaining. However, to achieve a fair compromise, we need to deliberate, rather than negotiate, argues Friderike Spang
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Friderike Spang
SNSF Senior Researcher, University of Lausanne

Friderike works on the research project Understanding Political Compromises in Democracies (UPCiDe).

Her research centres on moral disagreements and how these may be resolved through deliberation and compromise.

She also explores the role of emotions in contexts of disagreement, and works on political veganism and animal ethics, broadly speaking.

She tweets @FriderikeSpang

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