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February 7, 2024

How NATO and the EU should confront the new ‘Axis of Evil’

Francesco Foti
As the West tires of Russian hybrid warfare, Francesco Foti argues that NATO and the EU should learn from history. To avoid further damaging consequences, they must do all they can to maintain a forceful, non-compromising and united response
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Francesco Foti
Foreign / Security Analyst and Researcher

Francesco writes for Global Weekly, a non-profit online platform publishing on international affairs.

Graduated from the University of Westminster (MA) and Catania (BA), he focuses mainly on EU-Russian relations, the post-Soviet space (South-Eastern Europe, Balkans, and South Caucasus), the path to Euro-Atlantic integration / cooperation, and hybrid warfare by Russia.

He has written for outlets such as Mediterranean Affairs, Modern Diplomacy, Casimir Pulaski Foundation, European Studies Reviews, and the Cyprus Centre for European and International Affairs.

After graduation, Francesco pursued an internship on actionable intelligence at Tam-c Solutins (Israel), and freelanced for the business consultancy / think tank Global Initiatives and Solutions.

He interned at the Centre for the Study of Democracy (Bulgaria) on Russian disinformation, and published about South Caucasus and Russian narratives in Italy.

As part of Global Initiatives and Solutions, he was a panellist on security challenges at the Institute of National Security, Lodz, Poland.

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