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01 2021

The so-called crisis of political parties is, in fact, evidence of their adaption. Here's why

Elisa Volpi
Political distrust and reduced party identification suggest that political parties are in crisis. Elisa Volpi argues that parties are not in terminal decline, but undergoing a process of adaptation
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Elisa Volpi
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Geneva

Elisa works for the SNF Research Project  ‘Inequality in the Mind’, led by Nathalie Giger, studying the perception of economic inequality by political elites.

She completed her PhD in Political Science at the European University Institute in Florence, defending a thesis about the determinants of legislative party switching.

Elisa's research interests include elites’ behaviour, political parties and intra-party politics in comparative perspective.

Her recent publications include articles in Party Politics and Parliamentary Affairs.

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