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March 9, 2023

🌈 Democracy, gender equality and democratic backsliding

Emanuela Lombardo
As far-right populist political parties and anti-gender movements gather momentum across Europe, democracy and gender equality come under increasing threat. Emanuela Lombardo shows how a concomitant rise in attacks on gender equality accelerates the process of democratic decline
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Emanuela Lombardo
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Administration, Madrid Complutense University

Emanuela's lines of research are equality policies, especially adoption and implementation, in the European Union and Spain, and feminism and democracy.

With María Bustelo, Emanuela directs the gender and politics research group Geypo.

She is a member of the Complutense team on the Horizon Europe democracy and feminism project CCINDLE.

She is also a researcher in the DEMOC project on gender and political representation.

Gender and Political Analysis
with Johanna Kantola, Palgrave, 2017

The Symbolic Representation of Gender
with Petra Meier, Ashgate, 2014

She tweets @elombardo12

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