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02 2021

‘Austerity by stealth’: How the socialist government in Portugal managed electoral success and deficit reduction

Elisabetta De Giorgi
While socialist parties in Europe struggle in times of austerity, the Portuguese left has found a winning strategy, write Catherine Moury and Elisabetta de Giorgi. Combining discrete austerity measures with some visible anti-austerity ones, they have managed to please constituency and supporting partners alike
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photograph of Elisabetta De Giorgi
Elisabetta De Giorgi
Assistant Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Trieste

Elisabetta's main research interests are parliaments from a comparative perspective, and opposition parties.

She has published several articles in national and international journals, and is the author of the book L’opposizione parlamentare in Italia: Dall’antiberlusconismo all’antipolitica (2016).

With Gabriella Ilonszki, she edited the volume Opposition parties in European legislatures: Conflict or consensus? (2018)

Opposition Parties in European Legislatures: Conflict or Consensus

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