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January 10, 2022

🦋 A specimen drawer to capture the evolution of democracy

Ernesto Cruz Ruiz
Ernesto Cruz Ruiz argues that a Jean-Paul Gagnon’s democracy ‘data mountain’ will be of limited value if democracy is not also understood as a living entity which has evolved over time according to the impact of different environmental factors. To do this, he proposes a 'specimen drawer’
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photograph of Ernesto Cruz Ruiz
Ernesto Cruz Ruiz
PhD Candidate, Technical University of Munich

Ernesto’s research agenda lies at the intersection between deliberative and participatory democracy, and focuses mainly on the drivers of democratic innovations and the political effects of income and political inequality on democratic processes and institutions.

He is interested in finding the significance of citizen participation and deliberation in modern democracies from the Global North and the Global South.

He tweets @ecremx

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