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May 25, 2023

How Erdoğan masterminded electoral victory despite Turkey's economic crisis

Erdoğan Altun
In the first round of the Turkish elections on 14 May, the incumbent AKP, led by President Erdoğan, won a narrow victory. This was a crushing blow for the opposition, who had pinned their hopes on Turkey's economic crisis, and crippling inflation, ending Erdoğan's authority. Erdoğan Altun explains how the AKP's electoral campaign, patronage and social assistance were crucial to its success
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photograph of Erdoğan Altun
Erdoğan Altun
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul University

Erdoğan completed his undergraduate studies at Hacettepe University, at which he also completed his Master's degree, with the thesis Misogyny in Turkish Nationalist-Conservatism: Reading Peyami Safa's Novels.

His doctoral thesis is entitled The Construction of Clientelist Relations in Turkish Political Life through Brokers: The Cases of Artvin and Rize.

Erdoğan's research interests include clientelism, biopolitics, misogyny, the relationship between cinema and politics, and the political history of Turkey.

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