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July 31, 2023

Crackdown on Pride Walks in Turkey: homophobia and the 2023 elections

Didem Unal Abaday
In Turkey, LGBTI+ events and pressures on queer people’s right to assembly face increasing restrictions. This, writes Didem Unal Abaday, will only get worse with democratic decline. In the new parliamentary term after the 2023 elections, democratic backsliding is turning political homophobia into state policy
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photograph of Didem Unal Abaday
Didem Unal Abaday
Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki

Didem's research interests focus on gender politics, right-wing populism, and women’s movements.

Her publications have appeared in various journals such as Women’s Studies International Forum, Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, European Journal of Women’s Studies, Politics & Gender, Religions, and Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies.

She is currently working on a book project, The Crisis of Democracy, Gender Backlash, and Feminist Resistance: Islam, Gender, and Right-Wing Populism in Turkey, forthcoming with Lexington Books.

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