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August 5, 2022

Does the International Monetary Fund undermine human security?

Daniel Odin Shaw
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not only a ‘lender of last resort’ but also a security actor. New data and analysis from Bernhard Reinsberg and Daniel Shaw at the University of Glasgow shows that IMF interventions often have a negative effect on human security
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Daniel Odin Shaw
PhD Candidate and Tutor, University of Glasgow

Daniel is a conflict researcher and teacher currently completing his PhD, Dimensions of Demobilisation: Peacebuilding Policies and Post-conflict Security, at The University of Glasgow.

His main research interests lie in war, extremism and political violence, with a particular focus on post-conflict societies.

Specific topics include peacebuilding, demobilisation and security sector reform, state-sponsored terrorism and pro-state armed actors, the crime-conflict nexus, measuring violence, and gender, religion and ideology within the extreme right.

He tweets @DanielOdinShaw

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