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05 2021

How welfare state policies prevent the insecure from voting far right

Daphne Halikiopoulou
Economic insecurity creates favourable conditions for far-right parties, who turn discontent into political advantage. Welfare state policies, argue Daphne Halikiopoulou and Tim Vlandas, must therefore focus on moderating these risks, and reducing the likelihood of insecure people voting far right
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Daphne Halikiopoulou
Professor of Comparative Politics, University of Reading

Daphne is interested in party politics and voting behaviour with a focus on the far right, populism and nationalism in Europe.

With Sofia Vasilopoulou, she is the author of The Golden Dawn’s ‘Nationalist Solution’: Explaining the Rise of the Far Right in Greece, and of numerous articles on European far right parties.

The Golden Dawn’s ‘Nationalist Solution’: Explaining the Rise of the Far Right in Greece

Daphne's research appears in the European Journal of Political Research, West European Politics, Journal of Common Market Studies, European Political Science Review, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Government and Opposition and Nations and Nationalism, among others.

Her article with Tim Vlandas, Risks, Costs and Labour Markets: Explaining Cross-National Patterns of Far Right Party Success in European Parliament Elections, was in 2016 awarded Best Paper in the European Politics and Society Section by the American Political Science Association.

Daphne is joint Editor-in-Chief of the journal Nations and Nationalism and co-editor of the Springer book series in Electoral Politics.

Follow her on Twitter @halikiopoulou

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