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February 9, 2024

🔮 Populist polarisation might benefit democracy – as Southeast Asia suggests

Diego Fossati
We typically associate populism with corrosive partisan polarisation. Indeed, populist rhetoric often denigrates opponents as 'enemies of the people'. But while polarisation can have negative effects on democracy, Diego Fossati argues that it may also bring unexpected benefits. Using cases from Southeast Asia, he offers some convincing evidence
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Diego Fossati
Assistant Professor, Department of Public and International Affairs, City University of Hong Kong

Diego studies representation and political behaviour, especially in the context of East and Southeast Asia.

He has been awarded research grants by Hong Kong's University Grants Committee (Early Career Scheme, General Research Fund), Singapore's Ministry of Education (Tier-II Research Grant) and the Australian Research Council (Discovery Project).

He received a PhD in Government from Cornell University in 2016.

Unity through Division Political Islam, Representation and Democracy in Indonesia by Diego Fossati

Unity through Division: Political Islam, Representation and Democracy in Indonesia
Cambridge University Press, 2022

The Meaning of Democracy in Southeast Asia Liberalism, Egalitarianism and Participation

The Meaning of Democracy in Southeast Asia
Cambridge University Press, 2023
Co-authored with Ferran Martinez i Coma

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