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September 6, 2023

🔮 Populism: left or right?

Dani Filc
Are populist movements necessarily left or right? Dani Filc argues that populism is too complex a phenomenon to easily fit easily into the conventional political dimensions of left and right
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photograph of Dani Filc
Dani Filc
Professor, Department of Politics and Government, Ben-Gurion University

Among Dani's fields of research are populism, post-Marxism, healthcare policies, and the right to health.

He has published widely on these topics.

He tweets @DaniFilc

Circles of Exclusion by Dani Filc

Circles of Exclusion: The Politics of Health Care in Israel
Cornell University Press, 2011

The Political Right in Israel Different Faces of Jewish Populism By Dani Filc

The Political Right in Israel: Different Faces of Jewish Populism
Routledge, 2010


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