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February 16, 2021

If we really want to reform EU migration policies, we should look to the public

Danilo Di Mauro
The refugee crisis has led to changes in EU migration policy management. But effective reform of the so-called Dublin System that could resolve the crisis has so far eluded the EU. To understand the prospects for change, Danilo di Mauro and Vincenzo Memoli argue that we should examine how public opinion influences political parties, and elites
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photograph of Danilo Di Mauro
Danilo Di Mauro
Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Catania

Danilo's research interests include European Studies, public opinion, and parties. He is the co-author (with Vincenzo Memoli) of the monograph Attitudes Towards Europe Beyond Euroscepticism: Supporting the European Union Through the Crisis, Palgrave, 2016.

Attitudes Towards Europe Beyond Euroscepticism

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