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February 23, 2021

Mario Draghi’s governing bandwagon has been voted in. Expect a bumpy ride

Daniele Albertazzi
Mario Draghi’s new government enjoys broad support in both Italian parliamentary chambers. But Matteo Salvini's League is likely to make its life difficult. Daniele Albertazzi and Davide Pellegrino speculate that Salvini’s party will likely keep one foot in and one foot out of government
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photograph of Daniele Albertazzi
Daniele Albertazzi
Reader in Politics at the University of Birmingham

Daniele is principal investigator for the project 'The survival of the mass party: Evaluating activism and participation among populist radical right parties (PRRPs) in Europe', funded by the ESRC (ES/R011540/1).

He is a specialist in party organisation, populism and the radical right. His recent publications include Populism and New Patterns of Political Competition in Western Europe (London: Routledge, 2021, edited with Davide Vampa) and Populism in Europe: Lessons from Umberto Bossi’s Northern League (Manchester: Manchester University Press, forthcoming 2021, written with Davide Vampa).

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