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February 6, 2023

Why migration politics in Germany is stuck in the past

Christina Isabel Zuber
When it comes to migration, the past wields considerable power over the present in Germany. Christina Zuber argues that ‘ideational legacies’ mean outdated policies are upheld against pressing needs for change. Ideas dominant at historical junctures become tied to national identity. Yet, there is a way to overcome them
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Christina Isabel Zuber
Professor of German Politics, Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Konstanz

Most of Christina's research investigates how societal diversity affects democratic government, a question which she addresses by studying political representation and party competition, federalism and regionalism, and the politics and policies of migration and integration, mostly in the context of Europe.

Ideational Legacies and the Politics of Migration in European Minority Regions by Christina Isabel Zuber

Her monograph Ideational Legacies and the Politics of Migration in European Minority Regions (OUP, 2022) contributes a novel theory of ideational policy stabilisation to the debate about the causal power of ideas in comparative public policy, and traces how legacies of industrialisation continue to impact the politics of migration in Catalonia and South Tyrol.

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