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April 1, 2022

The psychology of war: analysing Putin's motivations

Consuelo Thiers
Understanding political leaders' psychology is crucial to making sense of foreign policy decision-making processes. Consuelo Thiers highlights Putin's change of beliefs as a key factor in explaining his decision to wage war against Ukraine
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Consuelo Thiers
Postdoctoral Researcher, Ghent Institute for International and European Studies, Ghent University

Consuelo holds a PhD from Edinburgh University and a Master’s degree in International Studies from Universidad de Chile.

Her research interests include enduring interstate rivalries, political psychology, foreign policy analysis, and political leaders’ psychological assessment.

She also has a particular interest in the foreign policies of Latin America.

Consuelo's research focuses on the application of psychologically oriented and agent-based approaches to understanding decision-making in international relations.

Currently, she is particularly keen to conduct research that helps expand the understanding of the role of emotions in shaping policymakers’ decisions in international conflicts.

She tweets @Consuelothiers

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