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July 28, 2023

🔮 Peronism in Argentina exemplifies the chamaeleonic nature of populism

Christian Pfeiffer
Wolfgang Muno and Christian Pfeiffer explore Peronism as a lens to understand Latin American populism. From its roots under Juan Domingo Perón, through neoliberal shifts, to its modern-day forms, Peronism exemplifies the chameleon-like nature of populism and its enduring appeal through a strong sense of political identity
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Christian Pfeiffer
Chair of Comparative Government, Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences, University of Rostock

Since October 2018, Christian has also coordinated the binational doctoral programme Interdisciplinary Socio-cultural Studies (Europe and Latin America).

He has held guest professorships, or has been a guest researcher, at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad de Granada and Universidad de la Habana, as well as being a fellow of a binational doctoral programme in La Plata.

His research focuses on politics in Ibero-America, particularly in Argentina, Chile, and Spain, and addresses topics such as democracy development, populism, elites, statehood and election analyses.

Christian's work has been published in a wide array of publications, including books and articles on topics such as populism, foreign cultural policy, and identity constructions.

He has contributed to edited volumes and scholarly journals such as the Journal of Parliamentary Affairs and the International Area Studies Review.

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