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January 6, 2022

Public attitudes to coronavirus in highly polarised Hungary

Balázs Böcskei
Balázs Böcskei and Eszter Farkas analyse the influence of partisan alignment on public health issues related to coronavirus. Their findings suggest that even in such a highly polarised country as Hungary, the significance of the pandemic over time is suppressing the influence of party alignment on Covid-related issues
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Balázs Böcskei
Researcher, Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Political Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre of Excellence / PhD candidate, Institute of Political Sciences, ELTE Faculty of Law

Balázs is an initiator of the Hungarian research project 'Covid-cohorts? Identifying the generations using Big Data in the post-pandemic period'.

His research interests include populism, data policy, and voter behaviour.

He contributed the chapter 'Governing populism – the Discursive Populism of Fidesz' to Aufstand der Außenseiter Die Herausforderung der europäischen Politik durch den neuen Populismus, Nomos, 2021 edited by Frank Decker, Bernd Henningsen, Marcel Lewandowsky & Philipp Adorf.

With Szilvi Német, he is the author of Toxic Technocultures and Digital Politics: Emotions, memes, data politics and attention on the internet Centre for Social Sciences Institute-Napvilág, 2021.

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