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March 16, 2023

Politicians must share deliberative power to increase legitimacy

Anne Nygaard Jedzini
The threat of sanctions or coercive power is key to how governments make public good outcomes. To increase the legitimacy of coercive power and address illegitimate forms of power such as control and corruption, Anne Nygaard Jedzini argues that politicians need to share power with citizens through deliberation
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Anne Nygaard Jedzini
PhD Researcher, Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, Faculty for Business, Government & Law, University of Canberra

Anne is the recipient of the Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative 2021–2024 PhD Scholarship.

Her dissertation examines to what extent local government councils in Australia are an institution for deliberative power-sharing between elected representatives and ordinary citizens.

It explores in particular how power is shared, exercised and experienced, and to what extent power-sharing has deliberative dimensions in an Australian local government context.

Anne is also the former Vice Mayor and Councillor (2014–2018) of Aarhus Municipality in Denmark, where she is originally from, and her dissertation is inspired by this lived experience with power-sharing in deliberative processes.

She holds a Master of International Relations from La Trobe University (2020) and a Bachelor of English from University of Southern Denmark with a BA Minor in Globalization and Cultural Identity from Aarhus University (2015).

Her research interests include power in institutions/organisations, particularly governments, democratic innovations and public governance.

She tweets @AnneNygaardJed

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