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March 15, 2023

🌈  The effects of autocratisation on women’s rights: a contradictory picture

Aili Mari Tripp
Autocratising governments in countries from Hungary to Turkey and Russia are eroding women’s rights. While this is indeed a worrying trend, Aili Mari Tripp argues we must consider that autocratisation looks different depending on a country’s historical legacies and geopolitical situation. This influences the types of women’s rights a regime might seek to undo
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Aili Mari Tripp
Vilas Research Professor of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Aili's research has focused on gender/women and politics, women’s movements in Africa, transnational feminism, and African politics more generally.

Seeking Legitimacy Why Arab Autocracies Adopt Women's Rights

Seeking Legitimacy: Why Arab Autocracies Adopt Women’s Rights
Cambridge University Press, 2019

Women and Power in Postconflict Africa

Women and Power in Postconflict Africa
Cambridge University Press, 2015

African Women's Movements Transforming Political Landscapes

African Women’s Movements: Transforming Political Landscapes
Cambridge University Press, 2009, with Isabel Casimiro, Joy Kwesiga, and Alice Mungwa

Women and Politics in Uganda

Women and Politics in Uganda
University of Wisconsin Press, 2000

She has served as the President of African Studies Association and Vice President of the American Political Science Association.

She currently is an editor of the American Political Science Review.

She tweets @ailitripp

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