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August 2, 2023

A bitter victory and a sweet defeat: Spain’s general election

Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín
Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín and Asbel Bohigues continue the Loop's coverage of Spain's 23 July general election, analysing the results and the (im)possible parliamentary alliances. They highlight that the left has a chance to continue in government but that a repetition of the election is not implausible
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photograph of Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín
Ana Mar Fernández Pasarín
Associate Professor in Politics and Public Administration, Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Since June 2014, Ana has been scientific coordinator of the consolidated research group EUGOV: EU Government and Governance.

Her main research areas are European institutional dynamics and public policies, with specific reference to comitology procedures, the EU presidential system and consular diplomacy.

Unveiling inconsistency: Consensus and Contestation along the Council-Comitology cycle of EU policy-making
Journal of Common Market Studies, 60(2):427–444
Fernández-Pasarín, A. and Font, N. (2022) ‘

Comitology: The Strength of Dissent
Journal of European Integration, 43(3) : 311–330
Fernández-Pasarín, A. et al. (2021)

The Member States of the European Union Third Edition Edited by Simon Bulmer and Christian Lequesne

Spain: Pragmatic Europeanism or the End of Unconditional Support for European Integration
Fernández Pasarín, A. and Morata, F. (2020) in Bulmer, Simon and Lequesne, Christian
The Member States of the European Union
Oxford University Press, 3rd ed, 2020

She tweets @EUPOLJeanMonnet

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