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November 22, 2022

The disunity of the Italian centre-left opposition on Ukraine

Alessio Scopelliti
Russia’s war on Ukraine has split the Italian centre-left opposition between pacifists and those arguing in favour of arming Ukraine. Disunity on how to respond to the crisis, write Valerio Alfonso Bruno, James F. Downes and Alessio Scopelliti, will likely weaken these parties and strengthen Meloni's right-wing coalition
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photograph of Alessio Scopelliti
Alessio Scopelliti
Graduate Teacher, University of Bristol

Alessio is also a research fellow at Far-Right Analysis Network (FRAN).

He works on right-wing parties, European politics, populism, and text and data analytics.

Alessio has recently contributed to Populism and Far-right: Trend in Europe (Polidemos) and Christian Right in Europe (Ibidem/Columbia University Press).

He is currently working on the book The rise of the Radical-Right in Italy (Ibidem/Columbia University Press) with James F. Downes and Valerio Alfonso Bruno.

He tweets @AlessioScopell5

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