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March 29, 2023

The threat of artificial intelligence is not just real, it’s here

Avery Reyna
The technologies of generative artificial intelligence and large language models, and their associated algorithms, are increasingly shaping our everyday lives. Avery Reyna argues that the constant need to develop groundbreaking technologies will turn these seemingly abstract algorithmic harms into real-life consequences felt by everyone across the globe
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October 25, 2022

Interdisciplinary social science and the limits of quantitative research

Avery Reyna
Social scientists are increasingly using quantitative interdisciplinary research methods in the hope of obtaining more nuanced, concrete findings. However, Avery Reyna argues that without proper foresight, relying on these approaches to describe interactions between people, countries, and more complex sociopolitical systems may be harmful to the field overall
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photograph of Avery Reyna
Avery Reyna
Undergraduate Researcher, University of Central Florida

Avery is an undergraduate student studying political science, sociology, and cultural anthropology.

His research spans disciplines, focusing primarily on computational social science, civil-military relations, and digital public infrastructure.

His work has been published in Political Violence at a Glance, Council on Foreign Relations, New America, and Just Security.

He tweets @avryryn

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