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March 6, 2023

🌈 The gendered face of democratic backsliding

Andrea Krizsán
Opposition to gender equality, and a crackdown on women’s rights, characterise the wave of autocratisation across many parts of the world. We often regard such misogyny against women as a deviant trait of individual political leaders. But this is a misunderstanding, write Conny Roggeband and Andrea Krizsán
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Andrea Krizsán
Senior Research Fellow, Democracy Institute, Central European University, Budapest / Professor, School of Public Policy, Gender Studies Department, Central European University, Vienna

Andrea's main interest is in gender policy change in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Her current research projects analyse the gender aspects of democratic backsliding, and feminist contributions to struggles for democracy and democratisation.

Politicizing Gender and Democracy in the Context of the Istanbul Convention

Politicizing Gender and Democracy in the Context of the Istanbul Convention
Co-authored with Conny Roggegand, Palgrave 2021

Her most recent book is on opposition to the Istanbul Convention and its consequences for gender-based violence policies and democracy more widely.

She received the inaugural Emma Goldman Award in 2020 for her substantial contributions to the study of feminist and inequality issues in Europe.

She tweets @AndreaKrizsan1

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