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May 23, 2023

🦋 The concept of 'project democracy'

Anastasia Kavada
Anastasia Kavada's 'project democracy' grew out of the major protest movements of the 2010s. It centres around action, organisation and implementation, rather than deliberation or decision-making. Here, she argues that the project offers an understanding of democracy that goes beyond the familiar practices discussed in academic literature
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Anastasia Kavada
Reader in Media and Politics, Westminster School of Media and Communication, University of Westminster

Anastasia leads the University of Westminster's MA in Media, Campaigning and Social Change.

Her research interests include the relationship between democracy and digital media, focusing on alternative models of democracy practiced by social movements and activist groups.

Anastasia’s research has examined the use of digital media in practices of organising, decision-making and collective identity formation in movements and organisations such as Occupy, Avaaz, the Athens Indignants, and the Global Justice Movement.

Her work has appeared in a variety of journals and edited books, including Information, Communication & Society, Communication Theory, and Media, Culture and Society.

She tweets @AnastasiaKavada

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