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November 9, 2023

🎭 When we are the barriers to systemic change

Anna Drake
How do we navigate a world of democratic inequality? Anna Drake argues that if we genuinely want democratic transformation, we need to confront our own behaviours and ensure our actions do not undermine foundational democratic principles
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August 1, 2022

🦋 Confronting democracy’s foundational flaws

Anna Drake
How should we approach a database of democracy’s words when many of these collected democracies fail to respect people’s moral and political equality? According to Anna Drake, if we want meaningful narratives to emerge, then we must confront foundational challenges to democracy and centre these in our analysis.
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photograph of Anna Drake
Anna Drake
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Waterloo, Canada

Anna works in the area of democratic theory, with a focus on deliberative democracy, intersectionality, and activism.

Her current research examines structural injustice in deliberative theory and analyses ways deliberative systems might better respond to problems such as systemic racism and sexism.

Activism, Inclusion, and the Challenges of Deliberative Democracy

Activism, Inclusion, and the Challenges of Deliberative Democracy
University of British Columbia Press, 2021

Legislating under the Charter: Parliament, Executive Power, and Rights By Emmett Macfarlane, Janet Hiebert and Anna Drake

Legislating Under the Charter: Parliament, Executive Power, and Judicial Norms about Rights
with Emmett Macfarlane and Janet Hiebert
University of Toronto Press, 2023

Anna has published in a number of journals, including Contemporary Political Theory, Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism and the Canadian Journal of Political Science.

She tweets @annamdrake

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